Charlie S. Jensen


I spent the last decade working primarily on-camera in the Chicago market (after years of doing theater there as well). I am now in the Los Angeles Market.

I’ve had many phases to my casting life: from the years people cast me as a Jewish man. The years I was the “father” figure. Most interesting was the time period where I apparently looked like the casting director's vision of a “Successful Farmer.” I play Corporate types, Authority Figures and anyone who might wear a lab coat or Doctor’s gear. I like to think that means I look intelligent. I play arrogant and angry well, having been the “bad” version of your server or customer in many industrials. And also pain victim - so much pain.

Along the way I’ve done many many other things, from Sr. Manager of IT to getting myself a Masters of English from Northwestern for fun. And I’ve done a fair bit of writing as well for everything from travel books to writing plays.